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About the History Guy

Lance Geiger is The History Guy on YouTube. Topics covered in his YouTube videos range from aviation history to forgotten battles, historical figures, and more from around the world.

Episodes are posted Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings.

He has also created a History Guy podcast that comes out every two weeks on various platforms.

The History Guy’s philosophy for producing videos is: “I have always loved history. I believe that history does not have to be boring. At its heart, history is story telling, and I believe that it should be told with passion and genuine love for the material. History might be tragic, it might be comic, but it is the story of who we are, and we should not be afraid to enjoy that story, and be moved by it.

I live in the American Midwest, talk too fast but am working on that, and tie my own bow ties. Yes, the hats in the background of all the videos are mine.”

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The Rest of the Team

Josh Geiger is The History Guy’s eldest son and senior writer for the channel. He also hosts The History Guy podcast which is released every other week. Josh and his wife live in Wyoming with their two cats.

Carolyn Howk is the business manager of The History Guy, LLC. She joined the team in January of 2020 and enjoys sharing the excitement of the channel. If you have an opportunity to share with The History Guy, such as speaking engagements or rides in tanks or aircraft carriers, please email Carolyn.

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If you love history, this is the channel to support! Generous contributions from supporters allow The History Guy team to continue creating the snippets of forgotten history that have been seen by viewers all around the world. You’ll be supporting this record of the past that helps to inform our present. Making The History Guy takes time, effort, and equipment. It is history that deserves your help!


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