Voyage of SMS Emden

While the German European fleet would remain in Europe, fighting only uncommonly, a number of German surface ships were already abroad, and were immediately tasked with commerce raiding to harass allied shipping. Limited in their actions and constantly at risk of sinking, most of the German ships did not perform well, but some were able to cause significant problems for British commerce. One of those ships was the SMS Emden, a Dresden class light cruiser that travelled 30,000 nautical miles in an unlikely campaign, without support, against allied shipping wherever she could find it.

Sep 24, 2021

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On today’s episode, The History Guy is going to talk about several instances of Weird Weather. First, he’ll talk about the 1974 tornado super-outbreak. Then he’ll tell the story of record-breaking weather in 1943 South Dakota. Finally, he’ll talk about the “Great White Hurricane” that hit New York City in 1888.

Sep 21, 2021 54:16
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